Social Help Resources


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Learn how to log technical support tickets & leverage Help Center resources.  Estimated length: 15 minutes.


Learning Objectives

Throughout the previous courses, we covered the basics of how to being using Kenshoo Social.  We started out by discussing tools in Kenshoo Social that can help you operate more efficiently, like Personas, creation flow, and refresh creative.  We also explored tools that can help you drive stronger performance for your social program.

That in mind, learning does not end here!  In this final module, we will wrap up the Social Learning Program learning pathway by exploring a cross-section of the self-serve tools  that you have available to get support or learn more about other Kenshoo offerings.


By the end of this course, you will learn how to:

  • Utilize the Help center
  • Open a technical support case
  • Leverage self-serve enablement tools, like KenshooU




15 minutes